7 Christmas Movies to Watch

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If you are a Christmas lover like me, then one of the things you like are the super cheesy Christmas movies. Yes they are very predictable and we know exactly how they will end but I think that’s what makes them what they are; the familiarity. I look forward to watching some each year and Netflix has been feeding my addiction and I am here to share with you. If you are not a fan of Christmas (I hope this is not true), these are fun movies to watch during the holiday so either way, it works out. They  are for three groups of people:

The Cheesy 

These movies were just super sweet. They were super predictable and ended exactly how we thought they would.

  • The Holiday Calendar
  • Princess Switch & Switched Again
  • Operation Christmas Drop

The Adventurous

These ones were super fun and there were some unexpected turns.

  • Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2
  • Klaus

The Grumps

These movies are from the perspectives of those who don’t like Christmas (if there is such a thing).

  • Holidate (parental guidance is advised for this one).
  • The Grinch that Stole Christmas

Let us know if you have seen any of the movies above and if you liked them!

Last modified: April 25, 2021

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