5 ways you can help those in need in your community this Christmas

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Christmas season is a time of love, goodwill, and giving back, so as we begin to take count of how gracious and miraculous our lives truly are, let’s also be reminded now more than ever of the countless people out there for whom Christmas will not be as merry, perhaps those not as fortunate as ourselves.

During such a time of love and goodwill, surely it would make sense to reach out to the less fortunate and do what we can to share our own Christmas cheer.

Lending a hand at Christmas doesn’t require you to have lots of money. Giving is for anyone; whether you are giving your time, a helping hand, raising money for a good cause, collecting food, or writing cards to the lonely; everybody can give in their unique way.

But in the meantime, here’s a list of 5 ways you can help those in need in your community this Christmas season!

Have A Food Drive

At this time of year, money can be especially tight. Collect as many food items, blankets, or unwanted clothes that you, your family, and friends can find and deliver them to your local charity bank.

Even if you only help to keep one extra person warm and fed this Christmas, it will make all the difference.

Thank The Emergency Services

Remember, not everybody gets Christmas day off with their family and friends.

So, show your appreciation with Christmas cards, cakes, or small chops for your local fire station, hospital, or even the security guys. Bring Christmas to those that are keeping you safe this Christmas!

Make A Phone Call

Do you know anyone that has lost somebody close to them this Christmas?

A death close to Christmas time can be especially difficult, as families or lone individuals struggle to come to terms with the new dynamics they will be facing this Christmas.

A letter or a phone call to let the grieving know that you are thinking of them and there for them, may help to make a difference.

Raise Money For A Charity In Your Community

A popular idea is to ask family members and friends to make a donation to a charity of your choice, rather than have a present for yourself.

This will set a great example for those around you by demonstrating the importance of charity and will help you to make a meaningful contribution this festive season.


Finally, the most giving thing that you can do this Christmas: give your time.

Volunteering during this busy Christmas period will be greatly appreciated by countless organizations and charities, all of whom struggle with this especially demanding time of year.

Take a few hours out of your week to volunteer your time at a nursing home or any local organization in need. Your time is the most precious gift that you can give.

Giving in ways such as these will not only help to make somebody’s Christmas that little bit easier, but you too will come away from Christmas feeling all the better for it; happy, and reminded of how precious your life is.

It is this gratitude for life that will prove your very greatest gift this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

Last modified: December 21, 2020

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