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Nigerian Food

Some people eat food just because they need to survive but a real foodie has an emotional attachment to food that is unbreakable. The relationship between a real foodie and food is palpable and it’s what you long to have with a human but you can’t because people are not food and food is the only and ultimate bae. You find Nigerians who say eating is fun, people who have foodgasms from eating good Nigerian food, there are even people who do a little happy dance. That is what I call true love.

Let’s see 5 reasons why Nigerian food is bae,

1. It will never break your heart

Trust me when I say Naija food will never break your heart, instead, it helps you mend it when it’s broken. If you had to choose between a massage from your partner and a delicious plate of pounded yam and egusi soup after a long day at work, that plate of pounded yam would be the only right choice, I may be wrong because

2. Food makes you happy

As I said, food helps you mend your broken heart and it also makes you happy when you are sad especially Nigerian food. The food is therapeutic. It helps you with stress, anxiety, heartbreaks etc. From the moment you eat a heavy Nigerian meal, all you can think of is sleep and sleep is very important so thanks to Nigerian food because good food leads to happiness.

3. It fills you up

Get your mind out of the gutter, it fills your stomach up yes. There is no way you can remain hungry after eating good Nigerian food be it Jollof rice, abacha, eba and soup, whatever it is you know you have eaten when you do.

4. Always there for you

People come and go, but food? No. There is always a way to get food, from the streets or a posh restaurant, it’s everywhere. Nigerian food is always there for you to feed your cravings.

5. Will never give you problems (may make you sick but no problems)

Yes with Nigerian food there are no fights except your fighting someone who touched your food or the waitress wasting time at the restaurant, other than that the relationship between a person and Nigerian food is heavenly. Eating spicy food or overfeeding may make you sick but in the end, it’s all worth it because It will still be there for you on your sickbed.

Last modified: April 9, 2021

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