2019 AMAs

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So the AMAs were on Sunday and I only got to watch it last night. I didn’t plan on coming out of my hiatus just yet but I was so upset that I just had to say something. This year, Taylor Swift was the artist of the decade and I was so happy and looking forward to some serious bops from the decade. But she only did 5 songs: love story, trouble, blank space, shake it off and Lover. Something felt off but it wasn’t until someone told me that she was not allowed to perform any of those songs because she did not own them.

Shocked? Confused? Frustrated? Yeah, me too. Back when Taylor Swift was a teenager and entered the music industry, there was a clause in her contract that she did not realize at the time because well she was a teenager, no experience in that area and just really wanted a chance to live her dreams. This clause meant that the record label would own her songs. Now, as she became older and more knowledgeable, she tried to get the clause to be changed. She begged to own her music. They refused. Okay, they should let her buy her records. They refused again and sometime this year, they sold it to one Scooter Braun who is not a fan of Taylor.

Now I know there are many sides to a story but it simply does not make sense that Taylor would not want to own her records. She wrote each and every one of those songs! Can you imagine after toiling on over 6 albums, you only own one?! All those albums: Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989 and Reputation. All. Who would agree to such a thing? Another reason I believe Taylor’s side of the story is because so many female artists spoke up in support. Let’s not forget about Kesha who was forced to work with a producer she had accused of assault simply because she had a contract. Assault was not an extenuating circumstance enough to mend the contract. There is a lot that happens to frustrate artists not just women but really mostly women. It is a fact and you can go ahead and argue with whoever you want. 

I was really upset by all of this ( I still am) but I carried on watching the award show and you know what, a lot of women won those awards. Even with everything, Taylor took home four awards. What am I trying to say here? We now know who we are. Gone are the days where we bought the crappy lies sold to us. It seems like we have been blinder or asleep but we are wide awake now and all this nonsense must stop. We are up to the task and we will keep on fighting. We will be respected. So Taylor, when you re-record all those albums, I will personally delete all the older stuff and buy all those albums. None of my money will go to Big Machine Label Group or Scooter Braun. I am sure all the other Swifties and decent folks out there who care about this cause will also boycott. Same goes for any other artist – male or female-being exploited. Human beings need to learn how to respect each other.

PS: if you have read to this point and still think that this is about money, you still don’t get it. 

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2019 AMAs

  1. Sonsare says:

    That’s sad! Didn’t know she doesn’t own all those albums! Record labels are notorious for this sort of thing. And the Kesha situation is absolutely outrageous. It’s sad what artists go through in the nasty nature of the music business. Nice to see lots of gifted women defying the odds and winning!

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